About This Site

Here we have successfully created an owners/fan club for the Magnetism fragrance created by Escada. This mini site was created for people to learn more about this fragrance from what it smells like to who created it. We created this site in mind for anyone that is interested in fragrance or this specific fragrance and wants to learn more about it and share their thoughts and opinions about it.

We hope that this page brings many different fans of this popular perfume from all over the world where they can talk and share views with each other. Here we also try hard to bring you discounts and other special promotions on perfumes from many different sites as well as bringing you the best prices available. This page will also make you aware of any free samples if and when they are available.

On top of this we have reviews of the fragrances, found below and to the left, to give you more insight of how they perform as a fragrance in daily use. The reviews cover such things as longevity, projection, silage, strength, good points and bad points. If you have any opinions about this fragrance or want to help make the site better then leave a comment in the comment section below, "tell us what you think". We also have a facebook fan page where we post new updates to the sites and other interesting news, the link can be found in the posts below.

If you enjoy this site or own Magnetism created by Escada then please share this site and tell your friends about it!