Escada Magnetism Perfume Women

The Escada Magnetism Perfume is available for women and consists of a few slightly noticeable changes in comparison to the Escada Magnetism Men.  Magnetism was created as a tribute to the powerful magnetism between to people, their passion and never ending love.  The perfume is an oriental floral with a fresh cassis top note, coconut and rose at the core and a gourmet base of caramel and vanilla creating a beautiful scent for the wearer.

I got my Escada Magnetism perfume for Christmas and love wearing it.  It produces a very nice sweet fruity scent that lingers and lasts a long time.  I would say that it is probably the best perfume that Escada has produced.  It produces a very unique smell that no other perfume I know of matches.

The Escada magnetism perfume for women is available in different sizes and prices do vary wildly from store to store you can pay anywhere from $25 to $50 and at the minute Amazon is currently the cheapest place for it but you should shop around.  The Escada magnetism perfume features a beautiful pink hue bottle and box in contrast to the purple hue version found on the male magnetism.

Overall I will highly recommend the Escada Magnetism perfume for women.  It is a great fragrance that is very underrated as it smells just as nice as the top fragrances for a lower price.  It has a nice sweet fruity smell  that lasts long and lingers.

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