Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Escada Magnetism Ratings And Description

Below is a summary and overall rating of Escada Magnetism to help give you a better idea of how this Escada fragrance behaves.
Escada Magnetism Perfume For Women
Magnetism For Women By Escada
Type of scent: Sweet, fruity
Top notes: pineapple, blackcurrant, red berries, melon, cassia
Heart notes: magnolia, iris, green leaves, freesia, basil, jasmine, 
Base notes: amber, vanilla, caramel, sandalwood, musk

Purpose of scent: To show the connection or magnetism between to lovers.
Projection: med-long
Lasting: med-long
Overall scent: fun Sweet, fruity, Vanilla caramel with a fizzy cola effect.
Time of year: All year at night
Where: Night out
similar to: Britney Spears Fantasy
Good: Incredibly unique fragrance 
Bad: Escada sadly discontinued this so its very expensive to buy.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Magnetism For Men Overall Ratings And Description

Below is a summary and overall rating of Escada Magnetism for men to give you a good idea of how this Escada born fragrance reacts and how it smells.
Purple Bottle of Escada For Men
Magnetism for men
Type of scent: fruity, spicy
Top notes: pepper, saffron
Heart notes: cedar sandalwood, leather
Base notes: amber, balsam, musk

Purpose of scent: To show the connection between to lovers.
Projection: med-long
Lasting: med-long
Overall scent: spicy, fruity, Vanilla with a unique fizzy cola effect.
Time of year: All year
Where: Night out or casual day
similar to: nothing at the minute
Good: Incredibly unique fragrance 
Bad: Sadly been discontinued so very expensive if you find it.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Escada Magnetism Fragrance Overview

Magnetism is a hit fragrance created by Escada in 2004. It features a nice purple hue colour and a sweet fruity smell considered by many to be similar to vanilla coke. Although Escada is not as well known as the likes of Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein fragrances the Escada Magnetism fragrance is still a fragrance not to be ignored.

Upon its initial release Escada Magnetism received welcoming reviews by a lot of its first critical reviewers and the general public. The Magnetism fragrance is available for men and for women however a lot of its reviewers have claimed that they feel as though it is a fragrance more suited to a young out going lifestyle audience such as college students. Needless to say anyone can wear  this Escada juice as they please. Other reviewers have suggested it may be possible to wear as a unisex fragrance however myself and others strongly disagree.

The popular Escada Magnetism fragrance is available in 3 different sizes 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles making it better value for the customer as the size increases. As well as featuring a striking purple hue bottle the presentation box it comes in also features the same beautiful colour effect making it a very big eye catcher on the shop shelves.

The price for the Magnetism fragrance does vary from shop to shop and from size to size however you should expect this Escada bomb to be around $30 to $50 as stores do vary greatly. However Escada recently discontinued this fragrance so prices will fluctuate massively. It is highly recommend that you shop around for the best price before making your purchase. The magnetism Escada fragrance is currently cheapest at Amazon and most commonly found online since it is discontinued and so hard to get.

The name of the Escada fragrance and the creation itself is a tribute to the strong magnet like connection between two people and their endless love for each other, hence the name Magnetism by Escada. The Escada fragrance was discontinued in 2010 for no apparent reason. One reason is possible that the fragrance wasn't selling well enough and another being the company had filed for bankruptcy due to a problem with creditors.

Overall Escada Magnetism is a very beautiful underrated fragrance for men and women that can compete with the likes of Hugo Boss, Armani, Calvin Klein etc at a slightly lower price.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Discount vouchers/free samples

discount savings for this fragrance

Sorry we currently do not have any discount vouchers at the minute for Escada magnetism. We do however have a link to some other free samples by Escada  you can get them from the Escada website here.

How To Spot Fakes?

Its always sad to say this but yes indeed people out there do fake perfumes and try to sell them on as the genuine fragrance for the same price or even more this sadly includes Escada fragrances.  This is especially true on the internet for marketplaces such as ebay however this practice occurs offline as well.  You have to be very careful when buying online and you should always buy from a trusted source.  Visit our recommended shops to the right for our list of trusted and recommended shops so you can buy with safety.

When buying online you are very limited to scrutinizing this Escada perfume up close because you can't see the product first hand, you can't tell if its made from cheaper materials and you can't tell what it smells like or if it is genuine by Escada.  Needless to say the internet is probably the best place to get perfumes because they can be a lot cheaper than offline stores because of lower overheads and costs etc.  If you follow these tips below then there is not much that you can do wrong and you will get a genuine Escada product.

Try to get as much detail as you can about the Escada perfume before buying it.  study the images carefully and see if something doesn't add up.  Also check if the information about the fragrance is correct and that the seller has a high feedback rating.  The best thing you can do however is get the serial code of the fragrance and check it here.

Above all buy from a trusted source.

Escadas Magnetism Fragrance Sadly Discontinued!

fragrance discontinued

Escada magnetism has sadly been discontinued and there are very very few places left where you can buy it. Online shops are you best bet, these places are the easiest to get it however they are also the most expensive by far. If you are wanting to buy Magnetism for men or women at a more affordable price then you will have to search and strike lucky. You may get lucky at some random discount store or even charity shops but you are likely not to find Magnetism there. I would also recommend checking out car boot sales because you can often find very good items there for sale at very cheap prices.

Escada Magnetism was discontinued because there was apparently a problem with credit and apparently the company Escada was filing for bankruptcy but we will probably never really know the full truth to it. However Escada magnetism will still remain a classic Escada scent and if you have any of it left enjoy it!
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