Escada Magnetism For Men Review

Escada Magnetism For Men is a fragrance created by Escada in 2004.  Although the fragrance is not as popular as top branded fragrances it is still just as nice as some of the top rated scents available today at a slightly lower cost.  It has been stated by many wearers of Escada fragrances to be their best fragrance to date.  The fragrance was created by Escada as a tribute to the powerful magnetism between two people, to their passion and endless love.  

Escada Magnetism Men is available in a variety of different sizes ranging from 30ml to 100ml.  Prices do range greatly from store to store however at this current time Amazon is offering the best deal allowing you to pick up a bottle for around $25 so it is wise to shop around before purchasing.  The Escada Magnetism for Men features a beautiful purple hue presentation box which is the same colour effect found on the rectangular bottle.  The appearance of the bottle is different in comparison to the pinkish hue found on the Magnetism perfume for women.

The Escada Magnetism for men is my favourite looking after shave and it is also my favourite "back up" or outgoing fragrance.  The Escada Magnetism Men produces a very nice sweet, fruity scent that lingers and lasts without any alcohol which can ruin fragrances.  When you first smell it you will smell grape then a vanilla scent.  It has been described by many as a kind of vanilla coke fragrance.   I would say however that the fragrance is aimed towards a more outgoing younger male such as students.

The Escada Magnetism for men has unfortunately been discontinued meaning you are not likely to find it on the shop shelves.  If you are wanting to buy it you will most likely have to buy it online and I recommend in the biggest size.

Overall Escada Magnetism for men is a very nice unique fruity sweet scent that I recommend to younger outgoing students.