Monday, 23 September 2013

Magnetism For Men Overall Ratings And Description

Below is a summary and overall rating of Escada Magnetism for men to give you a good idea of how this Escada born fragrance reacts and how it smells.
Purple Bottle of Escada For Men
Magnetism for men
Type of scent: fruity, spicy
Top notes: pepper, saffron
Heart notes: cedar sandalwood, leather
Base notes: amber, balsam, musk

Purpose of scent: To show the connection between to lovers.
Projection: med-long
Lasting: med-long
Overall scent: spicy, fruity, Vanilla with a unique fizzy cola effect.
Time of year: All year
Where: Night out or casual day
similar to: nothing at the minute
Good: Incredibly unique fragrance 
Bad: Sadly been discontinued so very expensive if you find it.

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