Friday, 3 August 2012

Escadas Magnetism Fragrance Sadly Discontinued!

fragrance discontinued

Escada magnetism has sadly been discontinued and there are very very few places left where you can buy it. Online shops are you best bet, these places are the easiest to get it however they are also the most expensive by far. If you are wanting to buy Magnetism for men or women at a more affordable price then you will have to search and strike lucky. You may get lucky at some random discount store or even charity shops but you are likely not to find Magnetism there. I would also recommend checking out car boot sales because you can often find very good items there for sale at very cheap prices.

Escada Magnetism was discontinued because there was apparently a problem with credit and apparently the company Escada was filing for bankruptcy but we will probably never really know the full truth to it. However Escada magnetism will still remain a classic Escada scent and if you have any of it left enjoy it!
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