Friday, 3 August 2012

How To Spot Fakes?

Its always sad to say this but yes indeed people out there do fake perfumes and try to sell them on as the genuine fragrance for the same price or even more this sadly includes Escada fragrances.  This is especially true on the internet for marketplaces such as ebay however this practice occurs offline as well.  You have to be very careful when buying online and you should always buy from a trusted source.  Visit our recommended shops to the right for our list of trusted and recommended shops so you can buy with safety.

When buying online you are very limited to scrutinizing this Escada perfume up close because you can't see the product first hand, you can't tell if its made from cheaper materials and you can't tell what it smells like or if it is genuine by Escada.  Needless to say the internet is probably the best place to get perfumes because they can be a lot cheaper than offline stores because of lower overheads and costs etc.  If you follow these tips below then there is not much that you can do wrong and you will get a genuine Escada product.

Try to get as much detail as you can about the Escada perfume before buying it.  study the images carefully and see if something doesn't add up.  Also check if the information about the fragrance is correct and that the seller has a high feedback rating.  The best thing you can do however is get the serial code of the fragrance and check it here.

Above all buy from a trusted source.